The mechanism included with the box is an 18 note custom mechanism that plays the tune "Lilium". I have had to pay alot of money to get this mechanism made and it is the best that I could afford. To my knowledge it is the best mechanism commercially available for this piece now that the 23 note is discontinued. I have bought and tested every mechanism I have come across and I have yet to find one better. 

However, I want perfection. It is my aim with this project to provide everyone with a beautiful box and a perfect Lilium Mechanism. Therefore any profit I make from this project will go into getting a larger custom mechanism made with just the right tone and tempo. I will accept nothing less! If this ever comes to fruition, I will send these out at cost price to all people who bought a box in the past. It will then be a simple job to swap them over. This may be a long ways down the road yet. But I thank everyone for their help and support, I won't give up on this! :)